LED Purge Mask
LED Purge Mask
LED Purge Mask
LED Purge Mask
LED Purge Mask
LED Purge Mask
LED Purge Mask
LED Purge Mask
LED Purge Mask
LED Purge Mask

LED Purge Mask

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This mask will terrify anyone with its light effect and create the perfect atmosphere for celebrating Halloween for sure. The Yiddie LED Purge mask is sure to create a mysterious & festive atmosphere for any occasion, just like in the movie!

Our Yiddie LED Purge Mask is perfect for:

  • Taking amazing and unique one of a kind photos
  • Light-up the crowd at raves and festivals
  • Get noticed at parties or events
  • Completely amaze your friends this Halloween 2018

    NEW!! - We've innovated our old design and made a more durable matte acrylic plastic material for a longer lasting mask! Not only that, the new design is now more appealing with the lavishing matte. We've also slightly widened the eyes for a more clear look.


      • has 3 different settings Steady, Fast Blinking and slow blinking. All three modes can be easily changed by a switch.
      • Our advanced LED Lights are woven into the mask allowing the mask to be more durable and longer lasting.
      • The LED lights do not affect eyesight as the lights are on the opposite side of the mask.
      • Get up to 7 hours of use at the brightest capacity setting.
      • Our Adjustable Nylon Strap allows you to easily adjust this mask for small, medium, and large sized heads.
      • Two AA batteries are required for operation (batteries not included). 


      #1. We only use safe LED that do not emit harmful rays to the eyes. The problem with a lot of LED masks is that the LED can be harmful to the eye if not manufactured right. We use a smart protective layer film in our LED that maintain the masks brightness but doesn't emit harmful rays.

      #2. We have the most durable mask. PVC is universally known to be one the most easily breakable plastics on the market. That's why for our mask we use a strong durable matte acrylic plastic material that maintains the masks shinyness while being resistant to breaking.


      The founder of Yiddie has been screwed over quite a few times when buying stuff online, so he understands firsthand how skeptical one can be about a store not named Amazon.

      (Btw, we do tease him about his bad purchases sometimes)

      To remove the risk completely, we offer an iron-clad, no questions asked money back guarantee.

      Simply, if you don’t feel like you ripped us off and got the best thing that amount money can buy, you get a full refund.

      Not enough?

      Okay, how about:

      ✔ FREE worldwide shipping: No matter where you live, your package will find you and you won’t pay a dime over the price you see here.

      ✔ Safe payments via Stripe® and/or PayPal®: We don’t want your hands to shake while entering those digits.

      ✔ Real humans on our support helpdesk Call us old-fashioned, but we don’t hire bots.

      If you have any questions or need assistance, email us at support@yiddie.com 

      (Estimated delivery time: 3-10 days)