Dog Shower Sprayer with Brush

Do you wash your dog? Are you tired of juggling multiple products while trying to clean your pets? When you only have 2 hands, it is very difficult to scrub and wash your dog while holding the dog in place as well. There is just so much stress associated with bath time.

No need to worry, we have the solution to your problem with our amazing product...introducing the Dog Shower Sprayer with Brush!

Just imagine a stress-free bath time that you and your pet can actually look forward to and enjoy. This product is going to help reduce stress, time and waste associated with bath time. Don't believe it? Check out these awesome product details to see just how helpful this product would be in your life.

We've combined a shower sprayer along with a groomer head in order to not only scrub your pet but to also give them a comfortable massage and groom as well. Instead of having to either wash or groom, why not do it all at once? This product even offers unique bristles to help deep clean your dog all the way down to their skin no matter if they have long or short hair.

Does your dog not like to sit still? Very few do. We understand this frustration and have incorporated a 2.5m hose and adapter to reach a long way and be able to accommodate your dog in motion.

Plus, since we all want to conserve water and resources, this product helps to reduce water and shampoo consumption by offering a rotary knob to switch it on or off with ease. This means no more hose water running through your yard while trying to lather up your four-legged friend.

I mean what dog wouldn't start loving bath time if they get a spa-like experience with it? You and your pet will both appreciate this new product for a better bath time experience that will reduce the stress on both of you. So grab our product today to show your pet just how much you love and care for them. And what better time to grab this awesome product than with a 50% off sale! It's only for a limited time so be sure not to hesitate as this deal won't last long!

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